A bowing sea – Norfolk, England


A bowing sea, Norfolk, England (a week of walking along the Pedders Way and the Norfolk Coast Path)

And guiding us on, through the rain and cloud, was a light as clear as any.

Hiking to the rainbow’s end

Looking south from Mt. Branden

Looking south from Mt. Branden

This weekend I took a hike up to the 500-metre peak of Mt. Branden in Sooke, Vancouver Island. With cloud resting in the deeply vegetated valleys, the Olympic Mountains aglow with patches of sunlight and the chirrups of the forest birds, my possibilities for day dreaming were plentiful. Yet, in spite of these patent blessings, it was a show of opalescence earlier that morning that stole my mind for the day: the magnificent arch of a stooping rainbow cast across the Victoria Inner Harbour.

Seeking the rainbow's end

Seeking the rainbow’s end

Seeking the rainbow’s end will not bestow you with a pot of gold, but instead the greater gift of venturing into a land unknown, pushing your horizons and invigorating your soul.