I am the river – Norfolk, England


First frost over the breckland of north Norfolk, England

Through tussocks, reeds and the occasional yew,

I am the river and you the view;

Through pasture forgotten and by trees of oak,

I will walk the land like liquid smoke;


Valley of Rocks, Exmoor National Park, England


Valley of Rocks, Exmoor National Park, England (Jake Graham Photography)

Up the eastern flank of the turreted ridge, we scrambled, without thought, for the moon. Yet, upon arrival, and far from lunar discovery, we fell once more in love with the Earth –  ocean before us, moorland behind, and a slab of rock, strong and definite,  beneath our feet.

A bowing sea – Norfolk, England


A bowing sea, Norfolk, England (a week of walking along the Pedders Way and the Norfolk Coast Path)

And guiding us on, through the rain and cloud, was a light as clear as any.

Sunrise, love and ice – Kepler Track, New Zealand

Sunrise on the Kepler Track, New Zealand (Jake Graham Photography)

Sunrise on the Kepler Track, New Zealand (Jake Graham Photography)

We woke in the hut before dawn. The logs in the burner, the night previous so alive, had faded, leaving us huddled side by side in our sleeping bags like penguins in a storm. Too cold to sleep, we rose, pulled on our hats and gloves and pushed open the cabin’s creaking, wooden door.

Cloud branched through the valleys beneath our vantage point, and the low scrub that populated the Luxmore slopes lay frozen with wind-sculpted ice shards.

Some time later, the night’s sky turned sapphire. The sun climbed slowly beyond the eastern ranges, at first, oddly cooling, before washing the scene with a warm amber light. My capillaries flooded with love, and, at that moment, I was present.