Remember the ocean

Sunset on the Oregon Coast

It’s worth remembering, when times are hard, that the ocean will bring you to the present.


Microorganisms dwarf my being

Invaluable microorganisms

Invaluable microorganisms

After spending a month hugged between the vast waters of the Pacific Ocean and the tottering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, I  was once again reminded of the colossal physique of this planet.

‘But what of this observation?’ I thought some days later as I stood at the foot of General Sherman in the Sequoia National Park. ‘For beneath the roots of this tree, the largest on earth, resides a community of microorganisms so invaluable that their existence dwarfs my being. Now, that is size.’

Rock Pooling – turning adults into children and children into adults

Rock pooling at Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island

Rock pooling at Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island

At the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, sculpted by the ferocity of the Pacific Ocean, resides the anomalous rock formations of Botanical Beach. In the company of several friends and Pogo, an equable dog with a sizable mustache, we ambled slowly across a vast rock shelf, rife with deep, organism-filled pools. Like the contours of a fish bowl, many of the depressions curved under the rock, leaving us to peer beneath our feet at sea stars, urchins, anemones and crabs.

The discoveries made by a rock pooling child will build them into their future self, whilst those made by a rock pooling adult will return them to their childhood.