Cover Design – an amalgamation experiment

A Walk to the Water - painted cover - trees

As if I hadn’t already asked enough of you…here is another book cover design. After assessing the comments from the previous cover design post, I feel this comprises elements from both. Below is a reminder of the two previous images.

A Walk tot he Water cover design   A Walk to the Water cover design

If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. Thank you and enjoy your day.


Coastal Waves

Coastal Waves, oil on canvas (Daniel Graham)

Coastal Waves, oil on canvas (Daniel Graham)

I’ve clambered on rocky shores with the moonlight on my side many times over. Stopping from time to time, I’ll look up, not only to catch my breath and assess the route ahead, but to absorb the wonder of the pellucid cyan at the crest of an oncoming wave.

Storm Ship

Storm Ship, oil on board (Daniel Graham)

Storm Ship, oil on board (Daniel Graham)

‘They can be an irritant,’ my grandmother once told me. ‘They take a long time to dry and are difficult to wash off your hands!’

And so, courtesy of my grandmother’s brief angst towards oil paints, I didn’t touch the medium for twenty years. How impressionable children can be.

Yesterday I found some old oil paints in my friend’s paint box.

There’s nothing quite like painting the ocean. I wanted to be on that ship, with the waves crashing overhead and the taste on salt on my tongue, until I remembered my stomach.