Terminal beauty – the foxglove


Ingested in even the smallest of doses, the foxglove can kill a human. Yet the bee survives. To be reminded of our vulnerability in the face of a flower is both exciting and humbling.

Teaching with tomatoes

Teaching with tomatoes

Teaching with tomatoes

If not for life’s modern world obligations, I’d watch the tomato plants in the window sill grow from dawn ‘til dusk. Their ferocity in growth astounds me; one day mere shoots and the next three foot from the soil, budding with flowers the colour of the sun. Soon the fruit of the nightshade will come, and when it does I shall feast on life itself, learning more of the world than any book or scholar could ever teach.

Colour in Nature – book cover design

A Walk to the Water cover design

Dear readers,

Having considered your comments from the previous posts – Cover design and Cover design – an amalgamation experiment – I have now come up with this new front cover design for A Walk to the Water.

The aim was to comprise elements from the three previous works (see below for reference): Colour, companionship, walking, adventure, nature and art. Your advice on the matter has been invaluable, and, should you have a few spare minutes, I would love to hear your thoughts on this new design.

The previous design ideas:

A Walk to the Water - painted cover - trees A Walk to the Water cover design A Walk tot he Water cover design

Thank you, again.