Walking and beer are not mutually exclusive…

Blackstone Porter - Driftwood Brewery

Blackstone Porter – Driftwood Brewery

Or so a recent trip to the bottle shop reminded me.

Driftwood Brewery clearly knew something I did not. But then I got to thinking; beer is filled with hops. If I drink beer, then I’m filled with hops. And if I’m filled with hops, well, I’ll walk faster, won’t I?

Walking and beer are not mutually exclusive

Walking and beer are not mutually exclusive

I remember hiking in the Jura Mountains a year or two back with my brother. After buying a bottle of dark rum in Doubs, a small village close to the Swiss border, and carrying it in my bag for several days, I eventually decided that enough was enough; for a long distance hiker, a litre of rum is what we refer to as ‘unnecessary weight’ (not exactly a tough one to get your head around).

Downing the remains of the bottle in the midday sun at the foot of a 400-metre ascent was, by all means, an awful experience, but, without any doubt, a necessary one.