Alone with the Atlantic – Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales

For five nights I slept beside the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. On the first, I woke before the night was up and walked with the stars over frosted grass and frozen puddles, and on the second I slept with the pounding drum of the rain upon my shelter. And so it went, from one peninsula to the next, weather on my face, beyond the whirling lighthouse of Strumble Head, the moorland ponies of Mynydd Morfa and the slatestone incisors of the Aberdinas Islands, not a another walker in sight for three days and three nights.


8 thoughts on “Alone with the Atlantic – Pembrokeshire Coast Path, Wales

  1. Wow. A long time ago I knew a VERY old woman whose life was reduced to a wheelchair (an elegant turn of the century wheelchair) and finally, when she was 97, she decided that nothing in life needed more analysis from her than she could give in one of two words. Everything became, “Wow!” or “Baloney.” This is WOW.

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  2. This is such a great adventure you went on ~ and the photos sure made it worth the travel. BEAUTIFUL was the call over my shoulder from a friend who was enchanted by your photos. I was thrilled because it was Wales ~ one of my favorite places.

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