Books in the ether – A Walk to the Water


In recent months I have relied on the thoughts ofย my readers in the production and release of my first published book, A Walk to the Water. And what marvelous contributors you were. Now drifting about the ether, I thought it the right time to share some of the wonderful feedback the book has received. So here it is.

Holding a book launch in my home city, I was delighted to see many friendly faces.


Trail Angels from the path were bountiful, and how fortunate we were for their help. After A Walk to the Water was released, I sent them all a copy.


The Fondue family. We stayed with Mamie, Lea, Mauricette and Charlie for three days in France – their kindness was overwhelming. Here they are with A Walk to the Water in their hands.


Hoeveterras de Vlienthoeve. Noor and Marte, along with the rest of the family, took us in for the night in Belgium. The trail was hard going that day and we were grateful for their hospitality.

Of all the reviews received, my favourite are those written by hand.


A Walk to the water has been featured in a number of realms, including The Great Outdoors magazine and Hostelling International.

“For lovers of intrepid travel,” Hostelling International wrote, “this is the ultimate read for the road.”


Some years ago I undertook a degree at Plymouth University on the south coast of England. My time there was invaluable. After hearing of A Walk to the Water, the university produced a case study.


A Walk to the Water can be bought from all major online book stores as a paperback and an ebook. To get your hands on copy of A Walk to the Water, please follow the links below:

A Walk to the Water Paperback

A Walk to the Water Ebook


23 thoughts on “Books in the ether – A Walk to the Water

      • Congratulations! Always happy to see good writers getting published. I am in the middle of writing my novel…its going pretty slow sadly, but it’ll get there

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      • Yeah I’m dreading finishing it to be honest. That would end this one-person party of mine. I can only imagine how hard finding and agent etc. is going to be


      • I have. It’s going to be an exploration of the British Isles from the perspective of a walker and naturalist. I find the process of writing so cathartic, I’m not sure I will be able to stop!

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      • Ah lovely! Good luck and may you finish the book soon so that others might read it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m intrigued by what you do. I’m guessing you’re a Geographer (or something along those lines) by profession? Pardon the ignorance


      • Thank you Disha ๐Ÿ™‚ I studied geography at university, impressive deciphering, but since then, some six year ago now, I have spent my time in many different places around the world. Any job will do me, so long I’m doing good things. Oh, and nature must be close by! And you? A professional wordsmith, perhaps?

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      • I knew it! So glad to hear your vocation is your avocation.
        Yeah well I studied English Lit as an undergraduate then unfortunately was misguided into a corporate job for about three years. I recently quit, spent a year traveling and now I’m doing an MA in Creative Writing. Just to get my life back on track


      • It sounds like you’ve found your feet via the wonderful remedy of travel – an MA in creative writing sounds great. You clearly have an undeniable aptitude for books, for that I envisage you doing wonderfully. Where are you studying?

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      • University College Dublin…so Ireland. Yeah its going well, best decision of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to take my novel seriously otherwise

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  1. I just got it a week or so ago. I’ve barely started. I’ve become acquainted with Scroggin and loved the maturation of the mixture following your own. Any talk of boots makes me happy, and I have already fallen in love with the canal that is no longer needed (I met some of those in Padova and Milano). I can’t wait to read more. I’m looking forward very much to the end of the holiday craziness, looking forward to cold January and February and March and probably April, days both for your book and for mine. I wrote about “Scuffed Boots” here on WP a few days back.

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    • I must say congratulations for your medallion, no doubt it deserved it. Actually, I would like to find out myself – where is the best place for me to buy a copy if based in the UK? I am so happy you got a hold of a copy of A Walk to the Water, and so too that you are enjoying it. Furthermore, thank you for you kind words regarding my blog. And you’re right, I think we ‘get’ each other.I certainly love the way you write, even the comments you give. Martha, would you mind if I used some of your words from ‘Blog Hop’ as a review?

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      • Your welcome to use my words as a review — but you also might want to wait until I finish the book. I’d happily write you a real review on amazon or wherever you want. I ended up ordering your book from I put both of my self-published books on Amazon in the UK, Germany, France and Italy. Interestingly, probably a quarter of the people who’ve read Martin of Gfenn are British. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Danny, I have just finished reading your amazing book, about your equally amazing journey, and have to say that it was an awesome read! I really felt as though I were journeying with you, and your brother Jake, as your footsteps coursed from north to south, across so many miles. Your style of writing made it easy to visualise the countryside, and the ups and downs you both faced; both physically and mentally.

    You are lucky indeed to have your brother, a kindred spirit, to share your travels with, and it was nice that your story included snippets of dialog between the pair of you, which added another dimension to the telling of the tale.

    I always seem to find a favourite paragraph in any book that I read, and my favourite paragraph in your book is on Page 173, first para. Beautiful writing indeed, and I could tell it must have been quite an inspired moment that you were writing about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    A truly inspiring story, Danny, and one that has already got me thinking about the possibility of doing my own longer-distance walk (not as long as yours though!) You are a talented writer indeed, and along with your brother’s stunning photographs, you have produced a remarkable book about your adventure. Thankyou for a great read! ๐Ÿ™‚ Leah

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    • Leah, what kind words. You have no idea, or perhaps you do, of how wonderful it is to hear that our story has the power to inspire. Although that wasn’t our intention when we set out, it has been perhaps the most rewarding bi-product of the journey.

      You’re right, that moment high above the Black Forest as the moon filled the sky was a profound moment, for both of us. We often talk about it – there was some magic in the air that night that neither my words nor Jake’s photographs could fully capture, though that didn’t stop us trying!

      Where will you next walk take you? Have you walked in Tasmania?

      Again, thank you so must for you wonderful feedback, I do believe it will make my mother cry! Danny

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  3. Tassie is next on my ‘walks’ list, Danny, as I wasn’t able to do the Overland Track this year, as I had hoped. No matter, their is always next year! I am not sure whether my hiking partner is still keen to do it or not, but either way, I will be going. It’s a bigger walk, with the 6-7 days needed to do it, and is therefore a bit harder to organise with work commitments, but I don’t intend for that to be a barrier. I have walked a bit around Cradle Mountain, as my sister used to live in Tassie, and when I visited, we would always go there for a wander. Beautiful country!

    I hope your mother’s tears will be tears of joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers Danny ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Oh yes, certainly tears of joy ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re a solo walking professional now, a lone trip through the mountains would be wonderful! Of course, it would also be wonderful alongside a companion – win, win ๐Ÿ™‚


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