7 thoughts on “DSCF5357

    • It’s Norfolk, perhaps surprisingly. I had never been until a few weeks ago. When a friend asked if I would join him on a week-long walk through its core, I couldn’t resist! Have you been over that way?

      No, Nepal is most certainly on my list. I want to climb there mountains, well, some of them. Have you been?


      • Would you believe me if I told you that I lived in England for three years and didn’t travel anywhere. Absolutely nowhere. I only visited Edinburgh and that too for work. That’s why I knew I had to quit.
        Yeah I was in Nepal only a few months ago. I was on the Annapurna trail which was cut short on account of the earthquake. You absolutely must go


      • Blimey, that is astounding. You were probably hidden away in the depths of a library somewhere! But it sounds as though you are making up for it now. Wow, the Annapurna, I’ve heard it’s a spectacular trail, though, as you found out, a dangerous one too. So, if you’re not from England, where are you from?


      • India. That’s where I was born and spent the first eighteen years of my life. I’ve had the good fortune of living in different parts of the world since


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