Colour in Nature – book cover design

A Walk to the Water cover design

Dear readers,

Having considered your comments from the previous posts – Cover design and Cover design – an amalgamation experiment – I have now come up with this new front cover design for A Walk to the Water.

The aim was to comprise elements from the three previous works (see below for reference): Colour, companionship, walking, adventure, nature and art. Your advice on the matter has been invaluable, and, should you have a few spare minutes, I would love to hear your thoughts on this new design.

The previous design ideas:

A Walk to the Water - painted cover - trees A Walk to the Water cover design A Walk tot he Water cover design

Thank you, again.

14 thoughts on “Colour in Nature – book cover design

  1. You’ve done a great job combining three different cover designs into one. I really like the color you’ve added into the new design! I would reduce the spacing between the two lines of the subtitle just a bit, and remove the grey outline from the title. This cover is my favorite so far.

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  2. I’ve just spent an enjoyable few minutes catching up with your book cover debate! I think this is the best so far… While I liked the previous image, I thought it looked a little melancholy – like you got lost in the forest. In this one, you can see “journey’s end” off on the distance, and that gives it a much more upbeat feel!

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