Cover Design – an amalgamation experiment

A Walk to the Water - painted cover - trees

As if I hadn’t already asked enough of you…here is another book cover design. After assessing the comments from the previous cover design post, I feel this comprises elements from both. Below is a reminder of the two previous images.

A Walk tot he Water cover design   A Walk to the Water cover design

If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them. Thank you and enjoy your day.

27 thoughts on “Cover Design – an amalgamation experiment

  1. The scenery and coloring look more like the photograph while the two men resemble the painting. I think it really is the best of both worlds! I love that it becomes lightest in the middle of the cover, which, to me, resembles the light falling through the trees in the photo.

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  2. I like your new (3rd version) the best. The boys are walking not just looking off in the distance. It’s simple yet intriquing. This is the only one that if I saw it in a store, would pick it up to see what it’s about.
    Good luck with whatever your decision and I look forward to seeing and reading the finished product.

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  3. Looks good, the only thing I would change (because I’m a graphic designer nerd) is the title, it seems to get lost in the darkness, maybe move it down some and do something to make it stand out a little more 🙂

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  4. LOL, I can see why you are asking your fellow bloggers for help; ’cause you are making it too hard for yourself :). They are all such great options, and I originally thought the photo was the only way to go, but now, your new picture is beautiful and captures the same sense of mystery as the photo, but on a more personal level. So I have to say your new picture wins – until you present us with another option! 🙂 Leah

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  5. This newest one is my pick. You combined both of the best parts of the previous two into one, and I feel like I’m going on the journey with the characters. Also, the title you settled on is great, Daniel!

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  6. Have you seen ‘The Mist’? Doesn’t end well. So (and I’m going to be bold here) chuck this design out the window 😉 too depressing and I think your journey was a positive one!

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    • Thank you for your honesty. Now is the time to be bold! I just looked up ‘The Mist’, as I hadn’t seen it, and see what you mean. Yes, I think it needs colour. I have produced ANOTHER cover, this time with colour, which I may pop on some time soon. 🙂

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  7. I love the new cover image. It feels like it represents your daily drawings more, especially the coloring and the minimalistic style. What I also like about the new one is that the walkers look curious and engaged within the scene rather than seeing being outside of it.

    I also really like the colorful one from before, but I think it’s because it’s more reminiscent of my own style rather than your style. 😉

    ❤️❤️❤️ The cover!

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    • Lovely feedback, thank you. Several of the other readers agreed that the design required a little more colour. Thus, I have just posted another piece; it includes the same assets that you just stated, but with a little more colour. Yes, the colourful one from before is certainly reminiscent of your style!

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