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A Walk tot he Water cover design        A Walk to the Water cover design

Dear readers,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your input regarding the post, ‘Deciding my title‘. After much deliberation, I have settled on,  A Walk to the Water, with the subheading, Six Million Steps to the Mediterranean Sea. Of course, remembering my fickle nature, there is still room for change.

With the text determined, it’s time to work on the cover design. If you have minute of two spare, I would very much appreciate your feelings on the above designs, painting or photograph?

As always, thank you for your thoughts and time.

25 thoughts on “Cover design

  1. I also like the painting design. It looks more custom and stock, which is a big ‘plus’. It does, however, look slightly more childlike, so if that doesn’t fit with the theme of this book whatsoever, I would probably go with the photo. Overall, I do like the paintings best though. I am also happy to see you chose that title arrangement 🙂

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    • That was my only concern, the image being too childlike. That said, the book is not an entirely somber affair, it certainly has humorous elements to it. Yes, your thoughts on keeping the title minimalist were a great help. I think it’s the right choice, so thank you!

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  2. At this point I would choose the top, colourful one. I don’t like the way the undertitle and your name are placed on the second one. Maybe if they were moved further down I would go for that one.

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  3. Hi Daniel
    I too like the drawing cover. It is colourful and bright but mostly, it is open and showing a way forward, which is what you need when you are walking such a long way.
    I once completed an Oxfam Trailwalker in South Australia which included a long section of pine forest that we had to walk at night. It was soul destroying and the only time on the walk that I pumped music into my ears.
    Well done


    • Hello Kathie, thanks for your help on the font cover. I like that idea that it is ‘looking forward’. Great work on the Oxfam Trailwalker; though you found it hard, I am sure the rewards – for both you and Oxfam – were great.


  4. Dear Daniel,
    this is so exciting for you, isn’t it? I surely am excited on your behalf. I think the painting is cute, but to be completely honest I wouldn’t perhaps pick it from the shelf, it might be bit too childlike for me. Whereas the other cover -wow! I love the light shifting through the trees promising for both touching stories and a happy end. And those two little dudes are very cute. Perhaps the pine trees look comforting for me too, coming from Finland with plenty of forest like that.

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  5. Are you illustrating your book? If you are, then the cover should most likely be consistent with the inside…. If you are not illustrating, I prefer the photo. Your people sketch superimposed on top of the photo is a nice touch!

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    • I am not illustrating the book, Gisele. Though there will be photography inside. Consistency certainly is important. I am working on another design. Perhaps I will badger you and my other kind readers again shortly! 🙂


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