8 thoughts on “Embrace the Storm

  1. That is such a gorgeous picture! Interestingly enough I am reading Gillian Orrell”s “New Boots in New Zealand” which is her recount of walking the 9 Great Walks in NZ, and I just passed the page where a DOC worker gives her this advice: “Don’t hide from the storm. Learn to dance in the rain.” So your picture is a perfect illustration for that point! Thanks for sharing it 🙂 Leah

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    • I have, though I am not sure which are considered THE Great Walks. To me they were all magnificent – Routeburn, Kepler, Copland, Abel Tasman, Tongariro. How about you, Leah?


      • Wow, you are well travelled! I think I need my time over already just to fit in all the walks I want to do, as I keep finding inspiration at every turn! The nine Great Walks of NZ are listed in Gillian’s book as; The Tongariro Northern Circuit, Rakiura Track, Milford Track, Kepler Track, Routeburn Track, Abel Tasman, Heaphy Track, Whanganui River Journey and Lake Waikaremoana. And NO, I have not done any 😦 Needless to say, after reading her book, I need to put the Heaphy and Lake Waikaremoana on my ‘to hike’ list when I have the time, then the money! I admit to being a bit (or a lot) put off by the crowds that seem to accumulate at each hut along the way though. When I hike, I like to escape the crowds, not join them. I hope to do the Overland Track in Tassie in Sept this year (all things going well) and am already worried about the masses. I’ll see how that goes before turning my ‘pencilled in’ list to the ‘penned in’ list. What are your thoughts on the best of the NZ walks you have done? 🙂 Leah


      • You certainly have a lot planned, but that’s great. It’s better to have them to look forward to that have nothing in your diary! Actually, I have done part of the Heaphy Track. I was working close to Motueka, not far from the trail. The section I did was stunning, so I am envious of your pending trip. I absolutely loved the Routeburn Track, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. The trick I find, Leah, is to walk the popular hikes in winter. They may be a little more treacherous, but you avoid the crowds. I am very much looking forward to hearing about your time on the Overland Track 🙂

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  2. Thanks Daniel 🙂 Gillian did mention that the 2 tracks she did after the “tramping season” had finished, were so quiet, and a lot colder! But perhaps that’s the price to pay for experiencing the wilderness without the crowds. 🙂 Leah

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