Storm Ship

Storm Ship, oil on board (Daniel Graham)

Storm Ship, oil on board (Daniel Graham)

‘They can be an irritant,’ my grandmother once told me. ‘They take a long time to dry and are difficult to wash off your hands!’

And so, courtesy of my grandmother’s brief angst towards oil paints, I didn’t touch the medium for twenty years. How impressionable children can be.

Yesterday I found some old oil paints in my friend’s paint box.

There’s nothing quite like painting the ocean. I wanted to be on that ship, with the waves crashing overhead and the taste on salt on my tongue, until I remembered my stomach.

14 thoughts on “Storm Ship

  1. Funny…about six years ago? I went out to my shed and opened a box that had oil paints in it and painted a picture of some cows standing in the rain. I was surprised by it. Somehow in the interval since high school and my last oil painting, some 40 years, I’d learned something about painting. I suppose I learned from looking at thousands of paintings in the interval. I was turned off from oil painting by something similar to your grandmother’s words, but I don’t remember what they were. I just remember someone said something trivial like that and I stopped. Oil paints are fun and your painting is beautiful. I like it very much.

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      • I have tried them Daniel, although I am no painter. I started a Visual Arts course a few years ago, but decided after the first semester it wasn’t something I needed to do, so finished it well short. Anyway, I had fun with the painting but thought acrylics were meant for me, not oils, so I gave the lot away to my Mum who dabbles with painting in the back shed when the mood strikes and the weather is warm enough. 🙂 Leah

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