Deer in the forest

It's with the trees that I am truly comfortable

It’s with the trees that I am truly comfortable

How filled I was with rum and whiskey and how sad I felt – as we made our way along the moonlit pavements of Victoria – to see five grand deer stepping hesitantly across the concrete. Indeed, with my blood so heavily infected with liquor, the sorrow of the sight brought me close to tears. The city isn’t good for them – the deer – just as it isn’t for me. But we persist, for one reason or another, against our yearnings.

One day I hope for my instincts and my actions to immaculately align; one day I want to see these very five deer deep in the Island forest.

4 thoughts on “Deer in the forest

  1. Like my moose of the golf course, though truth be told, their golf course is beside a field and the field beside a river, it is still strange to stand in my front yard and hear them call at night and see their wandering tracks in the snow on the green of the fourth hole. They and I are poised on a compromise.

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  2. I live and work in a big city…that is surrounded by mostly open, preserved mountains. Commute to downtown in 30 minutes. Hiking amongst redwoods in 30 minutes. Yin Yang. For me, at least, the City and the mountains complement each other.

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    • This sounds like a nice compromise, Dale. I could certainly say the same for Victoria, Canada. It’s possible to be submerged by nature in a matter of minutes, whilst still being amongst the assets of a city. But, we all have different yearnings – human or otherwise – and sometimes the pros of a city fall redundant, not least for the deer.

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