The dynamism of the mountains

The dynamism of the mountains

The dynamism of the mountains

Thrilled at the prospect of a night beneath Mont Blanc, we skulked off the path and made camp amongst a scattering of alder shrub. It was dark, yet the soft radiance of the moon illuminated the snow-drenched crest of the White Mountain with a subtle, sapphire glow. In the low light, she was humble.

When morning came, we unzipped the tent and stared up at the mountain. With the light of day now washed across her contours, her angles were raw, her glaciers bleeding and her atmosphere volatile. What a stark contrast she was from the day previous.

At a glance, the White Mountain is strong and definite. But have no doubt, she has a dynamism that could conquer a storm in the desert and the waves through the sea.

11 thoughts on “The dynamism of the mountains

  1. All of your posts are so great! Every time I read them I actually feel as though I’m experiencing the same things that you are writing about, and you have an uncanny ability to describe nature and your experiences so poetically. I always look forward to reading your posts.

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    • Thank you Ellie. My memoir, A Walk to the Water (see ‘Books’ for synopsis), is currently with an editor, so I hope to ready in the coming months. As I have already expressed, I could say the same of your writing 🙂


  2. Interestingly, I just posted a reflection on my mountain experience on my VirtuallyRiki blog minutes before seeing this post. I even included a sketch that shares some similarities to yours. On the same wavelength it seems. 😉

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