3 lessons for a novice hiker

I very much believe that, no matter how many years you have been treading footpaths, you’ll continue to learn some quite telling lessons throughout your life. Of course, it’s likely that a novice hiker will experience very many more of these lessons than a well-practiced footer. With that in mind, and to save you the grief of a comparable mistake, here are three of the many lessons that I have learnt over the past few years:

Carrots + Hiking = ill-advised

Carrots + Hiking = ill-advised

  • Do not pack and entire kilogram of carrots. It’s not good for your morale to be making your way up a grueling climb, pouring with sweat and gasping for air, with one recurring thought drowning your mind: “Do I even like carrots?”
  • Take baby powder. At the end of a long, hard day in the spilling rain, feet often end up looking, and feeling (but not smelling), like a packet of dried figs. Baby powder will have them back to normal in no time.
  • Remember to bring a compass. If you know how to use a compass, it can save your life (I didn’t for years, but even just the basics can get you a long way). Perhaps more importantly, compasses are a great prop for ‘outdoorsy’ photo shoots. Tip: make sure the compass is facing the right way whilst posing; otherwise you may run the very real risk of looking like a fool.

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