What is scroggin?

Most of you know what scroggin is, you just call it by a different name. It’s trail-mix, a concoction of high-energy ingredients used by walkers to help them power up the steepest hills and mountains, or simply to please their taste buds as they sit on the shore of a lake, watching the wind etch patterns across the water’s surface.

To me, trail-mix has always been scroggin, a term derived from New Zealand. Embedded into my mind when I was 16-years-old, I’m still curious as to how the term found itself on the other side of the world. None of my friends or family are from New Zealand, but I guess that’s the way of the world these days; we’re all connected.

Below is a list of terms used to describe trail-mix in various other countries from around to world. You may notice a theme, broken only by the Welsh:

Trail-mix is student fodder, apparently

Trail-mix is student fodder, apparently

  • Germany – Studentenfutter, meaning “student fodder”
  • Denmark – Studenterhavre, meaning “student oats”
  • Poland – Mieszanka studencka, meaning “students’ mix”
  • Estonia – Tudengieine, meaningStudent snack”
  • Hungary – Diákcsemege, meaning “students’ delicacy”
  • Wales – Bwyd Dewey, meaning “beloved food”

Does this say something about students? Can their successes be attributed to the quality and the quantity of the trail-mix that they eat?

8 thoughts on “What is scroggin?

  1. I definitely eat a lot of scroggin! Every coupled weeks I make a new batch of a different mix and eat it til it’s gone. I have an oral fixation with food. I have to have it within half an arm length away at all times!


      • I don’t have a favorite mix. It changes as I add things to it. I like to add salty with sweet so I’ll have a variety of nuts and dried fruits, organic cereals that are gluten free ( I try to stay away from wheat as much as possible), wasabi peas, sesame sticks. I keep it as healthy as possible because I’m a grazer. I’m always sticking something in my mouth as I work on the computer or read. Fortunately my husband only eats Doritos and corn chips so he doesn’t steal any from me. I try to shove as much good food into him that I can because otherwise he would live on Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwiches and White Castles little frozen burgers. Lol

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  2. I love a good scroggin Danny! I think you should do a post on favourite scroggin recipes; it’d be interesting to see what others think makes a good mix. I love Smarties in mine, with lots of salty peanuts, and sultanas and dried cranberries…and… and….whatever is hiding at the back of the pantry 🙂 I love your little drawing of the scroggin student! Cheers, Leah

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    • Wow, Smarties and cranberries, that’s a great mix! Good idea about the scroggin recipes; on our Walk to the Water, we went through so many different recipes, that by the end we had used almost 50 different ingredients!


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