Do grazing geese sound like bubbles?

If you’ve ever ran a bubble bath and sunken beneath its steaming surface, listening to the soft pops of air as they break free from the soapy membranes, then you know the sound I mean.

I was back on the Songhees Walkway making my way into town, the warming sun putting the brisk morning air to bed, when a gaggle of Canadian geese grazing on the path’s grassy banks up ahead stole my attention.

Grazing geese sound like bubbles

Grazing geese sound like bubbles

I didn’t stop as I approached the geese, but slowed to admire the off-white and dusty-brown feathers streaking their breasts like the furrows of a chocolate Vienetta. Growing closer, I could hear the sound of the birds pulling at the grassy shoots with their bills. Though I hadn’t paid much attention to the tune of a grazing goose before, the noise was remarkably familiar. And it was then that I realised, grazing geese sound like popping bubbles.

Content with my mild revelation, I continued on my way.

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