4 thoughts on “Walking makes the small things bigger

  1. I love this. It’s so true. I didn’t even know how to see at all until I hiked the same 3/4 mile uphill trail every day for a year in a landscape that people said, “there’s nothing there.” (Southern California chaparral) Fact is, everything was there and while in a certain sense I hiked the same trail every day, I never hiked the same trail twice.


    • Wow, Martha, every day for one year, that’s brilliant. I have no doubt that you sensed something different each and every time; be it a smell, sound, sight, taste or touch. What a valuable lesson: you hiked the same trail every day for a year but you ‘never hiked the same trail twice.’ I may have to quote this sometime soon, if you’ll allow me?


      • You can certainly quote me. I hiked in, through, around, over, into the same 5800 acre chaparral wilderness park (http://www.mtrp.org/) nearly every day for over twenty years, but it started with one short, hard hike, nearly every day, for a year. I learned that even in the serest summer heat new flowers bloom in the chaparral and after just one good rain mushroom spring up from ground that has gone from red to moss green. I learned that from the top of a mountain you can might look down on a rainbow and see it is a circle. Yep. 🙂 I like your drawings very much.


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